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Making an impact is top-of-mind for the private foundations we serve and support. And as the last few years have taught us, the world and its needs change…constantly. There have been natural disasters, shifts in societal norms, a pandemic, a humanitarian crisis—the list goes on and on. So we had to ask—how can foundations stay on course to realize their missions, maximize their philanthropy and still address needs in a shifting landscape? For that answer, we tapped two of our philanthropic experts: Elizabeth Wong and Robyn Hullihan who shared their insights into why a changing environment is a good reminder for foundations to approach their philanthropy with a refreshed perspective. 

Assess Your Strategy and Grantmaking Priorities

Before you can take stock of your charitable giving, Elizabeth and Robyn recommend starting by asking four key questions:

  • What has changed in the foundation’s target funding community?
  • What is needed to address the new landscape?
  • Does the foundation have what it needs in its philanthropic toolbox to respond to these evolving community needs?
  • To what extent is the foundation able and willing to incorporate new activities into its work?

Once you’ve addressed these questions, you’ll gain a better understanding of the conditions that may call for change—and what your foundation can do in the face of these circumstances. Ready to put this into practice? Check out our complete resource to learn some of the ways to take inventory and refresh your philanthropy in a changing environment.

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Check out our complete resource  Frequently Asked Questions About Private Foundations.

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