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As part of Women’s History Month, we’ve compiled a Women in Philanthropy resource kit to recognize the advancements influential women are making in the philanthropic sector, uplift powerful female voices, and offer educational resources and tools to help accelerate their giving even further. Our proprietary client research shows that nearly 20,000 women gave over $600 million in 2022, a 25% increase in dollars granted year over year and inspiring evidence of how women are effecting change.

Explore these resources for valuable perspectives from accomplished female philanthropists and tap into educational materials that can help all women take action in every stage of their philanthropic journey.


Power In Numbers: How Women Are Using Giving Circles to Maximize Impact

| Blog
We connected with Impact Fairfield County (Impact FFC) to learn more about their collective giving circle, where women are leading the charge.

Forging Her Own Path: Meet the HNW Woman Philanthropist

| Infographics
Learn what makes today's female givers unique, inspiring and ready to shape the future.

The Women’s Guide to Giving with Intention

| White Papers
Trends, strategies and stories to help you make the most of every stage of your philanthropy.

Women in Philanthropy

| Forward Thinking, Podcasts
Hear from Women Moving Millions and the Women’s Philanthropy Institute on how women at the helm can drive social change.

Technology & Philanthropy: The Key Role Women Are Playing

| Blog
Meet the women who are shaping the technology that’s propelling the philanthropic sector.

Foundation Path to Impact

| Mission
A series of articles to help new foundation leaders build programs, approach community needs, expand their impact and more.

Words Of Wisdom: Celebrating International Women’s Day

| Blog
Inspiration and advice for the next generation of women leaders.

Every Dollar Counts: How To Evaluate a Nonprofit

| Articles
With more than 1.5 million nonprofits in the US, you need practical advice for finding the organizations that align with your charitable vision.

8 Tips to Maximize Year-End Giving

| Articles
Amplify your intentions with these pro tips to get the most out of your charitable gifts.
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