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The new portal allows applicants to log in to access applications, view grant statuses, track payments, save documents and download completed forms.

After registering for the secure GivingHub account, here’s what a non-profit can expect to do, enjoying some of the many benefits within the portal:

  • Complete Applications and Outcome Forms
  • View and Track the Status of your Applications
  • Track Payment Status and Amount
  • Complete Saved Documents
  • Download Completed Documents
  • Enjoy specially curated resources
  • Future: Invite other nonprofit members to collaborate
  • Future: Nonprofit <> Grantor Communication

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Stay up to date on the status of your grant applications, outcome reports and award payments with this exclusive portal.

  • Complete, view, and track applications and outcome reports
  • Track status of grant payments
  • Create and manage charity profile
  • COMING SOON: Charity and grantor direct messaging



Ensure alignment with your mission and priorities before making a grant.

  • Web-based grant management services
  • Easy eligibility quiz to ensure a good match
  • Organize, review and track in progress and completed applications
  • IRS auto verification available



Evaluate your giving and inform your future granting strategy.

  • Easily submit updates about the progress of your grants
  • No need to submit duplicate information- application answers automatically pulled in
  • Works seamlessly with Applications to support the grantmaking lifecycle
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