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Our enhanced user dashboard includes the features you already know and love, along with a couple of new abilities that bring your Dashboard to the next level of project management and compliance tracking.


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The Dashboard is your home page to manage everything from your distribution requirements to your task list. This centralized view and action center gives you 360 insights in one secure, and web-based platform you can access from anywhere at any time.


Our clients asked and we listened, all of the top requested dashboard items are now at the top of the page. Easy start for impactful results.

  • New! Quick Search lets you search both charities and grants right from the Dashboard. Less step equals time saved.
  • New! Short Cuts are quick links directly to where you need to go and are customizable per user permissions.
  • Better! Search bar location is now front and center making it even easier to navigate where you want to go.




Easier, faster, better! Not only is it easier to add tiles and navigate but there are now new tiles to add.

  • New! Tasks Tile enables you to easily create and view your foundation to-dos and get helpful reminders.
  • New! To Dos see your entire grant workflow in one easy place.
  • New! Report Favorites Tile now you can quickly access the information you want with one click.
  • Better! Drag and drop tile placement right from the Dashboard.
  • Better! Edit the Mission Tile right from the Dashboard using the pencil.

What is the same?

  • Your operational tasks, grant workflow tracking, and financial management needs are still right on your home page Dashboard. Easy to reach, easy to use, easy to do your best work.
  • Tax Center Tile: Still front and center. It’s easy to see if you have any actions, and if you don’t just tidy up and minimize the tile. Only users with access will see this tile.
  • Mission and Image Tile: Your current image will carry over as will any text you had.
  • The data in your Asset Summary Tile, Impact Planning Tile and Minimum Distribution Requirement Tile carries over. Both tiles have received an updated look to show you what you need right where you need it.
  • The Grant Payment Tile still shows your information in a streamline grid of columns and rows.


What if some people in my organization want to stay on the old Dashboard? Can we do that?

No, the old look of the Dashboard is being retired. The new version has all of the same information as your old Dashboard.

I want to make changes to my Dashboard, who do I contact for help?

Good news! You can make all by yourself now. Still want some assistance? No problem, your PCA is here to help.

Is there a training for the new Dashboard?

You can take a self-training walk through the Dashboard by clicking on this Link. We’re always happy to chat 1:1 as well. Foundation Source has a 98% retention rate for a reason. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

How do I control the width of the Tiles?

The width of the tiles will auto size to best fit the information that is showing.

How do I customize my dashboard?

Customizing your dashboard can be done using the arrows icon or the gear icon on the tile. Here is an example:

Can I hide certain tiles from being seen by different users in my organization?

All of the permission levels that you had previously are still the same on the newly designed Dashboard.

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