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The Charity Search now has a new look and feel that’s more streamlined to save you time. The functionality of Charity Search will stay the same.

Why did we make this change?

Based on client feedback and usage metrics, the goal was to streamline and modernize the Charity Search feature.

What is different?

You will notice that the Charity Search page now looks a little different. Read below to learn more.

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At first glance, you will notice the simplified Charity Search at the top. From here, you can enter a Charity Name, Tax ID or Keyword to begin your search. You can narrow your search location using the filters below.


The More Filters link now contains the ability to:

  • Show only charities that have been classified as verified by the IRS
  • Show only the main offices of nonprofit organizations with many chapters. Multiple locations can be narrowed down by using this feature.
  • Zip-code filtering enables you to narrow results by using the 5-digit zip code of the location you want to focus your donations. “Apply Filters” and “Cancel” buttons available

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You now can toggle between List View and Tile View based on your preference.  Both the Tile View and The List View contain/show the same detailed information. Since everyone takes in information differently, we are providing two options for you to select from.

The information you can see includes:

  • Charity Name (Hyperlink to Profile Page)
  • Address
  • IRS status
  • Tax ID
  • Actions:
    • Profile
    • Grant (User must have permissions to view this)
    • Heart Icon (Favorite)
  • If applicable: Home Icon (If result is the main office)

Additional Resources and Charity Research

  • These two sections are now easy to find and navigate. They are both located on the lower right-hand corner.
  • “Additional Resources” Menu
    • Favorite Charities
      • When selected, display modal with user’s favorite charities
      • Display Charity Name, IRS Status, Ability to Favorite/Un-Favorite, and if applicable ability to Grant (Brings user to grant flow if selected)
    • Recently Granted To
      • Brings user to a full page
      • User has ability to get “Back to Charity Search”
    • Charity Research (only available in Impactfully Plus Click Here to learn more)
  • Add Charity (Available for select Impactfully packages.  Click Here to learn more)

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