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With 2022 halfway in the books, now is the perfect time for philanthropists and their advisors to connect with each other, take a step back and look at the big picture of their philanthropy—before the hustle and bustle of the giving season is upon us. That’s why we’re dedicating our second issue to the power of strategic giving.

From a grantmaking guidelines checklist for funders to new resources for wealth advisory professionals, we’re delighted to share some of the latest curated content to help guide you through the ever-changing philanthropic landscape with a clear strategy. Enjoy!

Client Spotlight: The Morgridge Family FoundationClient Spotlight: The Morgridge Family Foundation
MindSpark Learning announced an unrestricted $10 million gift from our client, The Morgridge Family Foundation. The gift will help support the organization’s education-retention programs and other change-oriented learning and development models. Read their story in Philanthropy News Digest.


Philanthropy: Four Steps to Giving StrategicallyPhilanthropy: Four Steps to Giving Strategically
Strategic philanthropy offers both personal and financial benefits. Learn how you can maximize your impact with these four steps from Sandra L. Brager, CFP® and Partner at Aspiriant in her latest Forbes article.



6 Technology Trends That Are Impacting Philanthropy6 Technology Trends That Can Maximize Donor Impact
In our new white paper, we outline six trends trickling down from the private sector that will affect the charitable giving space—and allow philanthropists and charities to operate more efficiently and effectively.



Private Philanthropy for Development – Second EditionPrivate Philanthropy for Development – Second Edition
Recent trends have shown that foundations are aligning their assets with their social goals to maximize their impact. In a study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 77% of the endowed foundations practiced responsible investing. Learn more in the full report.


Foundation Fridays Feature: The 776 FoundationFoundation Fridays Feature: The 776 Foundation
Our latest blog spotlights the 776 Foundation and the innovative way they’re encouraging the Next Gen to tackle climate change. For more stories from our clients, check out our Featured Friday Series on the Foundation Source Blog!



Grantmaking Guidelines: A Checklist for Your Granting StrategyGrantmaking Guidelines: A Checklist for Your Granting Strategy
With more than 1.5 million nonprofits in the US, making grants can be both exciting and daunting. Our checklist will help you carve out a grantmaking strategy that echoes your mission and values.


In Their Own Words – Funders Share Stories of ChangeIn Their Own Words – Funders Share Stories of Change
The Center for Effective Philanthropy asked eight foundations to share the most important changes they have made at their foundation since 2020 that they plan to sustain going forward. See the changes they’ve made, how they did it, and why.



New! The Tenets of Impactful Giving SeriesNew! The Tenets of Impactful Giving Series
We tapped philanthropic management expert Gillian Howell, our Head of Client Advisory Solutions, to share her insights on the tenets of impactful giving. Read her first issue on using values and passion as your giving guide stars. Foundations Should Consider in a Market Downturn
How can your foundation weather a market storm? These ideas can help you creatively meet your foundation’s obligations in a difficult market environment.



20 Years of Private Philanthropy: Where the Money Went20 Years of Private Philanthropy: Where the Money Went
We took a look at how family and corporate philanthropists have deployed capital over the last two decades. See which charitable sectors came out on top in our new infographic.



New Resources for Advisors!New Resources for Advisors!
Have you checked out the new advisor series on the Foundation Source Blog? In our latest post, we’re sharing content that’s tailored to wealth advisory professionals and how philanthropy can create many benefits for everyone involved.


6 Ways to Connect with Clients During Market Turmoil6 Ways to Connect with Clients During Market Turmoil
When the markets are especially difficult, why not focus on the things that remain constant? From wealth transfer to taxes, explore these opportunities to connect with your HNW clients even during tumultuous times.



New Survey: Charitable Giving Is Becoming Embedded In Wealth PlansNew Report: Charitable Giving Is Becoming Embedded In Wealth Plans
According to the new BNY Mellon Wealth Management Charitable Giving Study, 91% of HNW individuals said that a charitable giving strategy is a part of their overall wealth strategy. Learn more and see the two emerging trends in the full article.


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