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Would you like to have flexibility when it comes to your giving? Starting your own private foundation is a great option, allowing endless opportunities to customize your philanthropy. Discover the approach that’s best for you in our infographic that details the top five ways private foundations can give.

#1 Checkbook Philanthropy
The simplest way to give. You write checks to your charities of choice, often at year-end in response to annual appeals or to help in a crisis or disaster. This type of giving doesn’t require evaluation or reporting from the recipient.

#2 Strategic Philanthropy
With this proactive giving approach, you’re in the driver’s seat for determining the problems you want to address and how to solve them, rather than reactively supporting initiatives driven by a charity. This approach also involves robust reporting so you can measure your charitable impact. Ideas: Make grants and loans to charities, start a scholarship program, conduct research, or establish a food pantry.

#3 Trust-Based Philanthropy
Giving in this way means you view your grantees as the charitable experts. You grant them unrestricted funding, trusting them to deploy your support most e‡ectively. You’re also more
transparent in your communication and you streamline your reporting requirements so grantees can focus on what’s really important – achieving charitable impact.

Want more?
Check out the full infographic to see all the diverse ways private foundations can give.

Want to See Other Ways You Can Give Back with a Foundation?
From granting to individuals to direct charitable activities, foundations are a powerful charitable giving vehicle, allowing you so much versality—and the chance to be creative. Check out our white paper on the 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Your Foundation.

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