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When it comes to helping donors give, technology can and should be there to clear the runway and make the process as easy and efficient as possible. After all, the more technology supports philanthropists, the more they are empowered to make a difference in the world. Software solutions and applications should be intuitive, user-friendly on any device and include features that busy donors actually need. We believe philanthropists deserve the best and after more than two decades supporting 2,000+ private foundations, we learned that what they need from technology can be distilled down to three key functions:

  • Getting things done
  • Engaging with their family
  • Staying up to date

To learn more, we caught up with our product team to find out what some of the most popular technology features are within Impactfully, the platform our clients are using on a day-to-day basis to pursue their philanthropic missions.

How Foundations Are Using Impactfully’s Popular Features

#1 Getting Things Done: Make a Grant, Charity Research and More
Every day, our clients take advantage of these key features of Impactfully to get funds to worthy causes:

  • Making a grant in just four easy steps and tracking it against their minimum distribution requirement
  • Searching the IRS Tax-Exempt Organization database for eligible charities
  • Create an expense
  • Voting on payments, expenses and applications
  • Viewing and tracking their dashboard, grants, applications and reports

#2: Engaging with Family and Foundation Members
Collaborating with family and foundation members is vital to keep grants going out the door and these Impactfully features help people connect anytime, anywhere:

  • To Dos – Your voting committee no longer has to wait for you to be in front of a desktop to cast your vote. You have the ability to vote on grants, expenses and Applications.
  • Grantor Summary – You can view the grant activity of all members and their grant limits.
  • Impact Plans – Involve the next generation by creating and tracking Impact Plans about the causes that everyone is passionate about.
  • Visibility – From the web, you can determine what permissions and access you want the next generation to have—and that same accessibility will carry over to the mobile app.

Tech Can Help Donors#3: Staying Up To Date
The success of a foundation relies on having access to timely, organized information and oversite and these Impactfully features are fan favorites:

  • View and Track: Grant Payment Status, Application Status, Expense Status, Impact Plans, Favorite and/or Recently Granted To Charities
  • Download:
    • From Applications:
      • Charity Application Form
      • Application Attachments
      • Any Correspondence to the Applicant
    • Grant Letters
    • Foundation Documents
    • Foundation Contacts
    • Saved Reports from your Report Library

While these are some of the most loved features of Impactfully, we’re just scratching the surface of its capabilities. Plus, our team continues to enhance and add new features to stay at the forefront of #philtech. Want to see what else Impactfully can do? Check out this demo or join an upcoming live demo to get your questions answers from our experts.

To learn more about the role technology can play in helping your giving go further, schedule a call with us or call us at 800.839.0054.

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