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Stephen Frois

Marketing Operations Manager

FS-slashes-white-version-25x Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber

FS-slashes-white-version-25x Celebrity Look Alike: Country/American singer Jason Aldean

FS-slashes-white-version-25x Favorite Meeting Snack: Cheez-its, all day!

It’s Featured Friday! We’re excited to continue our series with Stephen Frois, Marketing Operations Manager. Keep reading to learn what it’s like to work on the Marketing team at Foundation Source!

When and why did you join Foundation Source?

I joined on Halloween in 2016. It was really interesting meeting lots of people for the first-time in… costume. Lots of fun! An old friend and work colleague of mine mentioned a few openings on his team. At first, I wasn’t interested and ended up connecting him with a friend of mine that was looking for a new opportunity at the time. After learning more about the company, the people and some of the things we enable our clients to do, both my friend and I joined the team.

What do you love about working at Foundation Source?

Hands down the people I work with, especially the Marketing team. Everyone here is so supportive and always willing to help each other.

It feels good to help streamline processes or tackle initiatives by leveraging marketing technology and automation.”

Stephen Frois
Marketing Operations Manager

What do you look forward to each day?

Is it weird that our team talks about what we’re having for breakfast every morning?

What does your job entail?

Marketing Automation, Lead Generation and Lead Engagement

What has been your favorite project at Foundation Source?

I love working on marketing automation projects for other departments. It feels good to help streamline processes or tackle initiatives by leveraging marketing technology and automation.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining Foundation Source?

Most recently, it was migrating to a new marketing automation platform. This project took FOREVER and came with lots of surprises.

In your opinion, what makes the Foundation Source team special?

How committed and hardworking everyone is here. I’m always so amazed when I look back and think about all of the things we’ve accomplished throughout the years.

What’s your favorite team memory?

I’d have to go back a few years to a winter sales meeting in Trumbull, CT. After a long day of sessions, our Client Services and Operations teams joined us for some team building activities. We had a Rock, Paper, Scissors battle where the loser of each individual game had to cheer on the person that defeated them, ultimately getting down to two players with half the room behind each of them cheering on. It was so much fun. I’m pretty sure Alex Correa still holds the Foundation Source title for Rock, Paper, Scissors.

What is a memorable client experience you’ve had or heard about?

I’ve heard lots of great stories about the things our clients do in their communities.

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