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One of the most exciting things about giving is that there are countless ways to make a difference in the world. And while there really is no wrong way to be generous, you may find that by tapping into your unique skills and creativity that you walk away with an enriched experience. So, how can you get started? We asked our Chief Marketing Officer Hannah Shaw Grove to discuss a simple, time-tested framework for giving that is built around time, talent and treasure. 

#1 Time

Time may be the most valuable resource we all have—once it’s gone, it’s gone. That’s why it’s universally understood how precious the gift of time truly is. This type of giving is providing someone else with your own time to help others. Your gift of time may be direct, hands-on service such as tutoring children at a homeless shelter or an indirect service, such as stocking shelves at a food pantry.

#2 Talent

Whether you share your unique skills or professional expertise, you can use your own talent to give back to your community, or anywhere there is a need. Examples may include a doctor providing pro bono office hours at a local clinic or an investment advisor who manages the endowment of a charity. It’s not only rewarding for philanthropists to donate their talents, but also highly valued because it provides a service or expertise that is often out of reach for the recipients.  

#3 Treasure

When many people think of generosity, they think of donating their treasure—a euphemism for money or other items with value. While cash is the most common type of charitable donation, it may also come in the form of real estate, collectibles, and more. One of the benefits of establishing a private foundation, is that you’re able to donate in myriad other ways, including through grants, program-related loans, scholarships and more. Learn more in our resource, 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Your Private Foundation.

Want More Real-Life Examples of Using Your Time, Talent & Treasure?

Check out our complete resource, A Simple Framework for Giving: Time, Talent & Treasure.

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