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From natural disasters to worldwide conflicts, there continues to be a great need for international philanthropy and specialized services that support this type of advanced grantmaking. As experts in our space, private foundations turn to us to bolster their charitable giving and we’ve found that there is a superpower in finding the right partnerships. One such partner is NGOsource whose mission is to dramatically improve the efficiency of international grantmaking and inspire a significant increase in cross-border philanthropy by centralizing, streamlining, and standardizing the equivalency determination process for U.S. grantmakers.

“NGOsource has been a valuable partner to us at Foundation Source as they provide accurate and reliable service that has brought down the cost of making international grants compliantly,” said Jeffrey Haskell, chief legal officer. “For over two decades, Foundation Source has been ahead of the curve on tech-driven philanthropy. We’ve built innovative, tech-forward solutions that support the daily administration of foundations and the needs of philanthropists, making running a foundation easier and more cost effective. Together with NGOsource, we’re helping make the foundation space more accessible and affordable through unique and groundbreaking specialty services.”

To learn more about NGOsource and their dedication to the program’s history, growth and vision for the future, checkout their website that marks their 10-year anniversary.

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