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On December 1, we kicked off our first Giving Challenge in celebration of our 22 years of service supporting 2,000+ private foundations. Each day, we’ve been sharing a new challenge for philanthropists and their families to partake in the fun, and it’s warmed our hearts to see givers rally together all in the spirit of spreading kindness and goodwill.

From a philanthropic personality quiz to tips from our subject matter experts on ways you can maximize your impact, we hope you’ve been able to complete a challenge (or all of them!). For every challenge completed, we’re making a donation to Mission 22—a nonprofit that supports veterans and their families. Let us know you’ve completed a challenge by emailing us or liking, commenting, or sharing our social media posts!

Missed the fun so far? No worries! You can still join the challenge here. Want to keep the giving going? Use these ideas as inspiration all year round to engage your families, friends or foundation members. And remember to follow us on social media—you never know when a new challenge may spring up!


Want to learn more about the ways we support private foundations?
Whether you are looking for support for your existing foundation or want to create a private foundation, our philanthropic specialists are here to help. To learn more, schedule a call with us here or reach us at 800-839-0054. Together, let’s #begiving.

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