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It’s been a privilege to provide philanthropists and their professional teams with the top news, thought leadership, resources and stories that are impacting the philanthropic landscape. As the number of our blog subscribers continue to grow, we wanted to share the topics that our readers found most interesting. Checkout this fun lookback at our top five most-read blog posts over the last year.


#1: Celebrating Women’s History

According to a recent Wealth X report, women account for a rise in the sharing of wealth, and philanthropy is, by far, the most common interest among them—well ahead of sports, art, education and the outdoors. So it should come as no surprise that celebrating women leaders in philanthropy happened to be one of our top posts, which you can read here.

#2: National Client’s Day

We love sharing our client stories and highlighting the good works of their private foundations in our Foundation Friday series. In this popular post, we celebrate National Client’s Day and spotlight three foundations who are making headlines by giving back in inspiring ways. Have a Foundation Source story you’d like to share with us? Write to us at for a chance to be featured in an upcoming post!


#3: Four Reasons Why Your HNW Clients Want a Foundation

One article in particular that caught the eye of our advisors was our thoughts on why sophisticated HNW clients may want to choose a private foundation over a donor-advised fund (DAF) as their charitable vehicle of choice. Read on to see the top four things philanthropists can do with a private foundation that are virtually impossible to achieve with a DAF.

#4: Webinar Rewind: Strategic Giving In Times of Crisis

Whether it’s a geopolitical situation, a public health emergency or a natural disaster, crises are an unfortunate part of our lives and philanthropists paid particular attention to our post on the topic of Strategic Giving in Times of Crisis. ICYMI, we hosted a roundtable discussion with experts in crisis giving where they could share their insights. Catch up on the blog and the webinar here.


#5: Key Findings: 2022 Report on Private Philanthropy

It’s always fascinating to track and analyze the activities of our private foundation clients and our readers found it interesting too. Whether you want a refresher or are looking to catch up, checkout the key findings our experts discovered to see how private foundations are giving and investing.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this roundup of our most buzzed-about blog posts. Not subscribed? Complete this quick form so you can get curated content sent straight to your inbox.

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