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With giving season around the corner, we offer our annual Guide to the Giving Season to help generous individuals and families make the most of their charitable gifts for the remainder of 2022 and help aspiring philanthropists take the first step toward a life of generosity and purpose.

“In this current environment, charitable giving has never been more important, with many people looking for ways to maximize their giving dollars. As we head into this busy giving season, we hope our guide will inspire all types of donors with insights, strategies and tools to make their generosity go even further.”

Sunil Garga
President and CEO

“From our 20 plus years of working with private foundations, we’re fortunate to have witnessed many creative and thoughtful ways to engage in philanthropy. Charitable giving is an invaluable way to pursue passions, connect with community, and bridge familial generations through shared values. With the right tools and proactive planning, generous individuals and families can align their wealth management and legacy goals with a giving strategy that creates a lasting impact.”

Gillian Howell
Head of Client Advisory Solutions


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Giving Calendar

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Giving Tips for the “Thousandaire”

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