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From diving into the new generation of generative AI apps to wondering if you should jump on the bandwagon of the latest microblogging platform to reach your audience, there’s always new ground to cover when you’re running an advisory practice. So, there’s probably very little (if any) time left to spend researching the substantive rules that govern private foundations to best support your charitable clients. Yet it can be tricky for families to administer on their own without clear guidance.

That’s why our Chief Legal Officer Jeffrey Haskell is sharing important insights, including what activities are permissible, which require advance IRS approval and the most common trouble spots to help your clients steer clear of compliance issues and penalties. In our new kit on Managing Risk for Private Foundations, you’ll get key takeaways and a Q&A summary of Jeff’s presentation, along with the on-demand webinar if you want to dive deeper into this topic.

Get the kit and share this important information with your charitable clients!

ICYMI: Client Meeting Kit
Based on our decades of experience working with philanthropic families, we’ve put together a suite of specialized insights that will help you before, during and after your client meetings in this helpful Client Meeting Kit.

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