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The Positive Psychology of Family Philanthropy

Can money make your family happier? Yes, if you give it away. That’s according to Joel Treisman, a scholar-practitioner in the fields of positive psychology and the psychology of wealth. We recently hosted a webinar with Joel to look at the relationship between money and happiness—and how giving can help families flourish.

A growing body of research has illuminated the mechanisms through which generosity, altruism, and caring for others promotes well-being in families. Watch our webinar replay to learn about the connections between philanthropy and family flourishing.

Meet the Speaker:
Joel-Treisman-FullJoel Treisman is the founder of From Wealth to Wisdom, a consulting/coaching firm for families and family-owned enterprises. His areas of expertise include the psychology of wealth, human flourishing, family dynamics, individual and organizational coaching, group process facilitation, philanthropy, and leadership coaching. He integrates insights about human flourishing and living “the good life” into his work with high-net-worth families, successful entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Want to Learn More?
In our companion blog, Top 3 Takeaways: The Connection Between Giving & Family Happiness Foundation Source’s Chief Marketing Officer, Hannah Shaw Grove, shares the three most compelling learnings from the webinar.

Interesting Insights on Happiness
Check out our infographic to see why givers are happier in more ways than one.


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