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These resources have been curated especially for participants in the My Family Legacy Plan workshop during the YPO Houston Gold Necker Island 2022 retreat. These materials will provide guidance and food-for-thought as you clarify your priorities and explore how philanthropy can be a critical and sustaining component of creating your family’s legacy and helping it flourish.

Getting Started

These resources are designed to answer many of the common questions you may have when embarking on your legacy planning initiative.


Frequently Asked Questions About Private Foundations

| eBooks, FAQs
When discussing your client’s charitable interests, questions about private foundations are bound to come up. These helpful FAQs provide the answers to common questions.

Private Foundations vs Donor-Advised Funds

| White Papers
We break down two of the most popular charitable giving vehicles, so you can confidently discuss these options and provide helpful guidance.

Selling a Major Business Asset

| White Papers
6 short cases studies on how to mitigate the tax burden on the sale of a high-value asset and fund a private foundation.

Tax Benefits of a Private Foundation

| White Papers
Foundations offer four attractive benefits to donors that can mitigate income, capital gains and estate taxes.

Doing More with Your Foundation

Private foundations are the gold standard for families that want to preserve their values and create multi-generational impact. These materials can help you take advantage of the power and flexibility of your family’s foundation.


10 Things you Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Foundation

| White Papers
Foundations are an incredibly flexible and exciting charitable tool that puts power and creativity directly in the hands of philanthropists.

Foundation Transitions

| eBooks
More than 90% of foundations are established to exist in perpetuity, so preparing for and managing change is critical to long-term success

Your Foundation, Only Better

| White Papers
10 compelling reasons why it’s smart to outsource your foundation management and administration.

Involving Your Family

Philanthropy can be more effective – and more meaningful – when you include the people you love the most. It’s also a powerful teaching tool for children and students as they acquire skills that will help them with life, leadership and achievement. These materials provide tips for getting, and keeping, the whole family involved.


Engaging the Family in Your Philanthropy

| eBooks
Know the benefits of collaborative giving and get age-specific tips for getting younger family members involved.

Family Philanthropy: Thriving Through the Generations Q&A

| Articles
Get the highlights of our moderated discussion with nonprofit leaders about what it takes to help your family’s philanthropy thrive over the long-term.

Getting Actionable

These worksheets can make sure you cover the basics when identifying causes and charitable organizations to support and making sure your family members are a key part of the process.


Grantmaking Guidelines Checklist

| Checklists
Simple steps to develop a plan for strategic, compliant grantmaking.

Family Philanthropy Checklist

| Checklists
This convenient checklist offers creative strategies and practical approaches to support meaningful and intentional involvement across generations.
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