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Are you and your organization on track to reach your philanthropic goals this year? The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are often the most active as nonprofits make a final fundraising push and private foundations focus on hitting their minimum distribution requirements. Sometimes the end of the year can feel like a scramble to the philanthropic finish line.

In this issue of our Tech for Good series, we’re focusing on eight tools you can use right now to make this giving season effective for the nonprofits you give to and help you reach your own giving goals. The best part? We can help you start or transition your foundation to our cloud-based SaaS platform, Impactfully, in less than a week.

Tools that help you find nonprofit partners that are a good fit

1. Charity Search: Get the Data You Need
With Charity Search, you can search for and find nonprofit organizations that match your mission in just seconds. Foundations can search by name, keyword, tax ID or advanced filters for verified nonprofits that are a missions’ match. This is all integrated into the platform and fueled by the IRS’s Business Master File.

2. Online Applications: How To Apply For a Grant
Enabling a nonprofit to complete an online application is a great way for foundations to learn about potential grant recipients. There are specific features of an online application that can help save the nonprofit time and help the funder make the best decision, including an eligibility quiz, direct access to IRS master business file verification, easy-to-fill-out fields, and even a quick print of the entire application.

Tools that streamline getting grants out the door

3. Mobile App: Giving On the Go
Make a grant on the go with ease and confidence by using our secure mobile app. Funders can also approve expenses and submit voting decisions—all from their phones. Following the grantmaking process is important in making sure that the right funds get out the door to the right recipients and a mobile app can keep the process moving without any gridlock.

4. Grant Certificates: Share the Gift Of Giving
Set aside a dedicated amount of money for people who are not officially part of the foundation to make their own grants. This hassle-free way of sharing the gift-of-giving is ideal for teaching the next generation about philanthropy without slowing down the process of getting funds to nonprofits in need.

5. Multiple User Permissions: How to Manage Members and Permission Levels
Streamlining communications and working with your professional team is key to having a smooth end-of-year giving season. The multiple permission levels available in Impactfully allow for partners to have direct access to the information they need.

Tools that keep you on track

6. Minimum Distribution Requirement: The Easiest Way to Keep Track
Keeping an eye on how close your foundation is to the 5% distribution is a key factor in maximizing grantmaking. Impactfully shows you how much money your foundation has spent towards meeting this requirement at a quick glance and turns this complicated calculation into information you can use to make an impact.

7. ToDos: Never Miss An Important Action Item
Individual and group tasks are clearly displayed on the dashboard and provide a detailed breakdown of what needs to be done and who is responsible for doing it. In addition to the dashboard, you can also set email reminders and get automated status reports, which keep all of your foundations members on track and on the same page.

8. Impact Planning: Set Budgets & Track Your Progress
The Impact Planning tool shows you and your foundation members a quick view of your planned annual giving overlaid with your actual giving—all broken down into the categories that matter most to your foundation. Grant payments automatically flow into the categories, which means you don’t have to do extra work to understand the progress of your foundation.

Bonus Tools & Resources: Collaborate with Family Across the Miles Anytime, Anywhere
Impactfully makes it easy to engage with your family members on your philanthropy. Now is the perfect time to schedule a demo as you’re connecting with loved ones for the holidays.

We’re also gifting you with these creative strategies and practical approaches to involving the next generation in your philanthropy.

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